View and manage backup alerts

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

When issues occur with backup, an alert is created.

To view backup alerts

  1. Open the Dashboard.

  2. Just under the navigation bar on the Dashboard, the number and severity of alerts are displayed. Click one of the alert icons to open the Alert Viewer.

  3. In the Alert Viewer dialog box, click that you want to view more information about. Information about the alert includes:

    • Date and time of the alert.

    • Details about the alert.

    • Information about how to resolve the issue.

After you take action to resolve the issue, you can choose to ignore or delete the alert.

To ignore or delete an alert

  1. On the Dashboard, click an alert icon to open the Alert Viewer.

  2. Right-click the alert, and then click Ignore the alert or Delete the alert.

  3. Click Yes, and then click Close to close the Alert Viewer.

You can also set up email notification for alerts. For more information, see Understanding email notifications for alerts.