Move a server folder

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

You can move any server folder that is displayed on the Server Folders tab of the Dashboard to another hard drive when needed using the Move a Folder wizard. You can move server folder to another hard drive location address if:

  • The data hard drive is no longer having enough space to store data.

  • You want change the default storage location. Consider moving the server folder while it does not include any data for a faster move process.

  • You want to remove the existing hard drive that without losing the server folders that are located on it.

When choosing a new hard drive location for moving the server folder, typically, you should move server folders onto hard drives which have the maximum amount of free space. If possible, avoid adding or moving a shared folder to the system (c:) hard drive as it make take away the necessary drive space that is required for operating system and its updates. Also, avoid adding server or moving server folders to an external hard drive because you may not be able to access files in a folder on an external drive because they can be easily disconnected. Instead creating the folder on an internal drive is recommended.

Before moving the folder, ensure the following:

  • Ensure that you have backed up your server.

  • Ensure all client backups are stopped and not in progress if you plan on moving the Client Computer Backup folder. While moving the Client Computer Backups folder, the server will be unable to backup any client computers until the folder move is completed.

  • Ensure that the server is not performing any critical system operations. It is recommended that you complete any updates or backups that are in progress before you start a folder move or else the process may take longer to complete.

  • None of the files in the folder to be moved are in use. You will be unable to access the server folder while it is being moved.

To move a server folder

  1. Open the Dashboard.

  2. Click the Server Folder and Hard Drives tab, and then click Server Folders.

  3. From the list of server folders, select the folder that you want to move.

  4. In the Tasks pane, click Move the folder.

  5. Follow the instructions to complete the wizard.