Add a server folder

You can add more server folders to store your files on the server, in addition to the server folders that are created during setup. Using server folders to store your files enables you to:

  • Back up the server folder using Server Backup and Restore to help protect against total server failure.

  • Access files that are stored on the server folder from any location using an Internet Browser via the Remote Web Access.

  • Access the new server folder from any client computer.


You must be a server administrator to complete this procedure.

To add a server folder

  1. Open the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard.

  2. Click Server Folders and Hard Drives, and then click Server Folders.

  3. In Server Folder Tasks, click Add a folder. This launches the Add a Folder wizard

  4. Follow the instructions to complete the wizard.


    When choosing a new hard drive location for the server folder, typically, you should add server folders onto hard drives which have the maximum amount of free space. If possible, avoid adding a server folder to the system (c:) hard drive as it make take away the necessary drive space that is required for operating system and its updates. Also, avoid adding server folders to an external hard drive because you may not be able to access files in a folder on an external drive because they can be easily disconnected. Instead, adding a folder on an internal drive is recommended.

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