View server backup status and details

Use the Dashboard to view backup status for computers in your server network and to drill down on backup status for specific computers for which backup was incomplete or failed.

To view backup status

  1. Open the server Dashboard.

  2. In the navigation bar, click the Computers and Backup tab.

  3. Click the server, and then click View the server properties in the Tasks pane.

  4. In the Properties dialog box, click the Backup tab. All of the backups on the backup hard drive are listed.

  5. Locate the backup you are interested in. Review the Status icons and description for that backup.

    • Complete

      The backup finished successfully. You can restore your full system from this backup.

    • Incomplete

      One or more drives were not backed up. Some data may not be recoverable from this backup. If the system drive was not backed up then you cannot do a full system restore from this backup.

    • Unsuccessful

      A backup was not created. You cannot recover any data from this backup. A backup may fail completely for the following reasons:

      • It may have been cancelled.

      • There may not be enough free space on the hard drive. There must be enough free disk space on the server to create a restore point.

  6. When you finish reviewing backup status, click OK to close the dialog box.

To view backup status details

  1. On the Backup tab in the Properties dialog box, select a backup.

  2. Click View Details. In the Backup Details dialog box:

    • In the Status details section, the status of the backup, start and end times, and the target backup hard drive are listed.

    • In the list box, the status of each item that was scheduled to be backed up is listed.

    • In the Backup details for System Reserved section, excluded items are listed.

  3. When you finish reviewing the backup details, click OK to close the dialog box.