Steps: Partitioning a Group of Nodes for a Group of Users

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

You can use job templates to partition your cluster for different user groups, and thereby create a cluster of clusters.

As an example, the steps in this section describe how to partition off a set of nodes that a group of developers can use to test their applications.

Checklist: Partition a group of nodes for a group of users

Task Description

Step 1: Create Node Groups

Create two mutually exclusive node groups called “StagingNodes” and “ProductionNodes”.

Step 2: Create a Local Windows User Group on the Head Node

Create a group of users called “Developers”.

Step 3: Use Job Templates to Partition a Group of Nodes for a Group of Users

Create a job template called “Debugging”. The template is defined so that only the user group “Developers” can submit jobs using this template, and the jobs submitted with this template can only run on nodes that belong to the node group called “StagingNodes”.

This step also includes a procedure that shows how you can modify the default job template so that the node group “ProductionNodes” is added as a required value.