Node Templates

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

Node templates are new in Windows HPC ServerĀ 2008. They define the necessary tasks for adding, configuring, and maintaining compute nodes in your cluster. For more information, see Adding Nodes to a Cluster and Maintaining Nodes.

You can use node templates to perform the following tasks on compute nodes:

  • Install and configure HPC PackĀ 2008

  • Deploy and configure an operating system image

  • Install applications and device drivers

  • Install software updates

  • Return compute nodes to a known configuration

You can create new node templates by using the Create Node Template Wizard in Configuration. For more information, see Create a Node Template.

You can add more tasks to the node templates that you create, or you can modify the existing tasks by using the Node Template Editor. For more information, see Edit a Node Template. For more information about each node template task and its properties, see Understanding Node Templates.

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