Step 3: Monitor SOA Sessions

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

In HPC Cluster Manager, you can customize the job list view to help monitor metrics for service jobs, or view error messages to troubleshoot session startup failures.


Each Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) session contains two jobs: a broker job, and a service job. The broker job creates and manages the service job. The service job processes the requests from the client. The job name for the broker job contains the string – Broker for service job <jobID>, where jobID is the ID of the associated service job.

To monitor SOA sessions

  1. In Job Management, in the views pane, select a service job. The Detail Pane displays the HpcServiceHost tasks that are created for the service job.

  2. Customize the job list view to display call metrics:

    1. In the views pane, right-click any job list column header, then click Column Chooser.

    2. In the Column Chooser dialog box, under Available columns, double-click the following columns:

      1. Call Duration

      2. Calls per Second

      3. Number of Calls

      4. Outstanding Calls

    3. Verify that the columns you have selected appear under Displayed columns.

    4. Click OK to confirm your changes and close the Column Chooser dialog box.

    5. In the views pane, scroll to the right to view the call metrics.

  3. View results, statistics, and failed tasks for the job:

    1. In the views pane, double-click the job to open the View Job dialog box.

    2. Click Results and Statistics to view output, error messages, and task states.

    3. To view error messages for failed tasks, in Results and Statistics, click View Failed Tasks.

    4. The Task Properties dialog box displays error messages for the failed tasks.