Appendix E: Hardware and Software Used for the Examples

Here are the details of the hardware and software configuration used to illustrate examples. They were used to build the HOSC prototype and to validate information given in this document. Any Bull NovaScale or bullx cluster with Linux Bull Advanced Server for Xeon and Windows HPC Server 2008 could be used in the same manner.

E.1 Hardware

  • 1 Bull NovaScale R460 server

    • 2 dual core Intel® Xeon® processors (5130 - Woodcrest) at 2GHz

    • 8 GB memory, 2x 146GB SAS disks

  • 4 Bull NovaScale R421 servers

    • 2 dual core Intel® Xeon® processors (5160 - Woodcrest) at 3GHz

    • 16 GB Memory, 2x 160GB SATA disks

  • Voltaire ISR 9024D-M InfiniBand Switch and 5 HCA-410EX-D (4X)

  • Cisco Gigabit switch (24 ports)

E.2 Software

  • Windows

    • Windows HPC Server 2008: Windows Server 2008 Standard and the Microsoft HPC Pack

    • Intel® network adapter driver for Windows Vista and Server 2008 x64 v13.1.2

    • Mellanox InfiniBand Software Stack for Windows HPC Server 2008 v1.4.1

    • Microsoft Utilities and SDK for UNIX-based Applications AMD64 (v. 10.0.6030.0) and Interops Systems “Power User” add-on bundle (v. 6.0)

    • PBS Professional 10.1 for Windows Server 2008 x86_64

    • freeSSHd 1.2.1

  • Linux

    • Bull Advanced Server for Xeon 5v1.1: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 including Xen 3.0.3 with Bull XHPC and XIB packs (optional: Bull Hypernova 1.1.B2)

    • PBS Professional 10.1 for Linux x86_64