Steps for Updating Compute Nodes Using Node Templates in Windows HPC Server 2008

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

The following checklist describes the process of applying Microsoft software updates to the compute nodes in a Windows HPC ServerĀ 2008 cluster by using node templates. Each task in the checklist is linked to the section in this document that describes the steps to perform the task.


For background information about this and other scenarios for applying software updates to compute nodes, including prerequisites and best practices, see Best Practices for Applying Software Updates in Windows HPC Server 2008.


For more information about node templates, see Appendix 3: Node Template Tasks and Properties in the Windows HPC Server 2008 Design and Deployment Guide (

Task Description

Step 1: Determine Which Software Updates Are Needed

Run a diagnostic test to determine if the compute nodes in the cluster require software updates.

Step 2: Add Software Updates to the Node Template

Add and configure the Apply Updates task in the node template.

Step 3: Apply Software Updates to the Compute Nodes

Take the compute nodes offline, and then run maintenance tasks on the compute nodes to apply the updates.

Step 4: Monitor Software Update Progress

View information in Node Management to monitor the progress of software updates.

Step 5: Bring the Updated Nodes Online

After the software updates are applied, bring the compute nodes online.