Important Information about Software License Compliance


Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

You must comply with the license terms for the programs you use on the MultiPoint Server system. You must also have the proper number of licenses for the number of stations that you add to your MultiPoint Server system, as described in the following sections.

Software license compliance

If you are using other Microsoft programs or any third party programs with this Microsoft software or service, then the terms that come with such programs apply to your use of them. Microsoft may deem any failure to comply with such terms to also be a breach of your license from Microsoft.

Client access license (CAL) compliance

If you want to add a station to your MultiPoint Server system, you must secure the appropriate number of client access licenses (CALs) for all of the stations connected to the MultiPoint Server. For information about how to add CALs, see the Add or Remove Client Access Licenses topic.

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