Use Windows Server Help

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

As an administrative user, you manage your MultiPoint Server system using the MultiPoint Manager and MultiPoint Dashboard consoles. This Help file describes many of the tasks that you can perform in MultiPoint Manager and MultiPoint Dashboard. In addition to this material, you have access to the Windows Server Help system.

Windows Help and Support includes detailed instructions about important subjects, such as user privacy and computer security, in addition to the privacy and security information included in this Help file. For example, some topics in MultiPoint Server Help include suggestions to search for specific terms in Windows Server Help. For example:


For more information about safe computing in Windows, search for privacy in Windows Help and Support. For more information about how to use Windows Help and Support, see the Use Windows Server Help topic.

To search for a term in Windows Server Help

  1. Right-click the Start screen, and then click Search.

  2. Click Help and Support.

  3. In the Search box in Windows Help and Support, type the suggested search term or phrase, and then press ENTER.

    A list of results appears, with the most useful results shown at the top.

  4. Click one of the results to read the topic.


  • Some topics in Windows Server Help describe functionality that might not apply to MultiPoint Server.
  • Standard users and MultiPoint Dashboard users typically cannot perform certain activities that affect all other users of the MultiPoint Server system, such as installing software or changing security settings. However standard users and MultiPoint Dashboard users have access to Windows Server Help. As an administrative user, you might want to advise standard or MultiPoint Dashboard users that their scope of capabilities in the MultiPoint Server system is intentionally constrained.

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