Keep Files Private

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

This topic applies to content, such as documents, that you (as an administrative user) and standard users do not want to share with other users in a MultiPoint Server system.

To keep content private in Windows Explorer

  • To keep your documents and other content private, you should save your work in Windows Explorer in the Documents library in the My Documents folder. The My Documents folder is, by default, a private folder. Note, however, that administrative users have access to private folders in Windows Explorer.


While an external storage device, such as a USB flash drive, is connected to a USB port on the host or on a USB hub that is not a station hub, it is viewable by any standard or administrative user logged onto the MultiPoint Server system. If you have privacy or security concerns about the content stored on an external storage device, connect it only to a station hub on the MultiPoint Server system. For information about how to use USB storage devices, see the Save and Share Files on a USB Flash Drive topic.

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