Suspend and Leave User Session Active

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

You can disconnect or suspend a user from the MultiPoint Server system when the user has temporarily stepped away from the station, and you do not want to end the user’s session. The user can also disconnect the session, rather than you disconnecting the session for them. While a user session is suspended, the session remains active in the MultiPoint Server system’s computer memory until the computer is shut down or restarted. At that time, all suspended sessions are ended and any unsaved work is lost.

To suspend a user session

  1. In normal mode, click the Stations tab.

  2. In the User column, click name of the user whose session you want to suspend.

  3. Under Selected Item Tasks, click Suspend.

After a user session has been suspended, the user can log on to the same or another station and continue to work in the original session.

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