MultiPoint Server Display Issues

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011


Station monitors display images incorrectly or not at all.


The screen resolution for each station monitor in your MultiPoint Server system has not been set to support True Color (32-bit).


As an administrative user, you must confirm that each monitor in the MultiPoint Server system supports True Color (32-bit).

To set the screen resolution to support True Color (32-bit)

  1. In normal mode, click the Home tab.

  2. Under Selected Item Tasks, click Switch to maintenance mode. The computer restarts and all stations become unavailable.

  3. Right-click the Windows desktop, and then click Screen resolution.

  4. Under Change the Appearance of Your Display, click the monitor icon that represents the station you are at, and then click Advanced settings.

  5. Click the Monitor tab, click the Colors drop-down list, select True Color (32-bit), and then click OK.

  6. Repeat this procedure on each monitor in your MultiPoint Server system.

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