Managing Your MultiPoint Server System

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Standard and Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium are Microsoft multi-user computing solutions. Unless otherwise noted, all references to MultiPoint Server refer to both Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Standard and Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium.

The following illustration shows one example layout of a MultiPoint Server system that contains four stations. Such a setup enables multiple users to use the computer at the same time, and to perform independent work or a group activity.

MultiPoint Server enables multiple stations to be connected to one computer. Multiple users can then share one computer at the same time. Each station consists of a station hub, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Network-connected Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) clients are also supported.

MultiPoint Server includes the MultiPoint Manager console, which helps you, as an administrative user, to monitor and manage MultiPoint Server stations. This Help file describes many of the tasks that you can perform in MultiPoint Manager, such as how to manage MultiPoint Server stations by using MultiPoint Manager, and how to use MultiPoint Manager daily.

In addition to the information in this Help file, you have access to the Windows Server Help system. For more information about how to use Windows Help and Support, see the Use Windows Server Help topic.


Throughout MultiPoint Manager Help, there are document conventions to help you distinguish formatting of text. For more information about document conventions, see the Documentation Conventions topic.

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