View Hardware Status

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

Use the Stations tab to view station information, such as:

  • Station name

  • Required hardware to make each station usable (typically, hardware would include a video monitor, station hub, keyboard, and mouse)

  • Additional peripheral hardware devices associated with a station

  • Notification of required hardware that is missing or not working at a station is displayed in the relevant column

  • Names of users who are currently connected to the MultiPoint Server system


If the stations in your MultiPoint Server system are physically arranged in a way that you intend to keep (for example, around a circular table), you may find it helpful to adhere station name or number labels, such as stickers or cards, to help identify the video monitor or hub of each station. That way, you and other users of the stations can more easily refer to and distinguish stations by their unique identifying name or number.

To view hardware status

  • In normal mode, click the Stations tab.


The Stations tab is unavailable when the system is in maintenance mode.

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