Planning a Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Deployment


Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

MultiPoint Server enables multiple stations to be connected to one computer. Multiple users can then share one computer at the same time. Each station consists of a station hub, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. MultiPoint Server includes the MultiPoint Manager application, which helps you, as an administrative user, to monitor and manage MultiPoint Server stations, and the MultiPoint Dashboard application, which provides day-to-day administrative functionality.

This document addresses factors to be considered when planning to deploy Windows MultiPoint Server 2012. Unless otherwise noted, all references to “MultiPoint Server” in this document refer to both Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Standard and Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Premium.


For additional support, see the MultiPoint Server Help, which can be opened by clicking the Help icon or F1 on any MultiPoint Manager or MultiPoint Dashboard screen.

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