The Windows Mobile security model is designed to provide a robust, protected environment for a mobile messaging solution. The components can fit into your existing corporate network with a minimum of third party components or services. Windows Mobile powered devices used with Exchange ActiveSync in combination with ISA Server and IIS combine to present an exceptionally strong enterprise messaging solution:

  • Powerful code on the device
    Windows Mobile powered devices can be controlled and customized to fit the needs of complex Enterprise solutions. The code on the devices is robust and conforms to industry standard security features and cryptographic services that can be mass configured or provisioned, providing device-level control in the Enterprise setting.
  • Direct interaction and control with Exchange ActiveSync
    Exchange ActiveSync protocols contain the ‘hooks’ into the code on Windows Mobile powered devices so that the system administrator can define and deploy security policies that help protect device and network security features. Exchange Server management tools and tracking programs make use of OWA and Active Directory, facilitating administration of both front-door and back-door devices.
  • Robust network components and protocols
    ISA Server and IIS, along with standard Web delivery and security protocols, work with existing corporate network configurations to complete the Windows Mobile security architecture. Strong firewall protection and support for PKI and certificate-based network client authentication protocols facilitate the deployment of rigorous corporate security requirements.

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