Step 7: Manage and Configure Windows Phones


As an administrator using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, you now have tools designed to set and enforce mobile device security policies. You can also control some of the features on Windows® phones by using provisioning tools.

This topic provides you with instructions and pointers for setting up a phone connection to Exchange Server 2010 (establishing an Exchange ActiveSync partnership).

Setting Up a Mobile Device Connection to the Exchange Server

If mobile users have a data usage plan through a mobile operator, Exchange ActiveSync on the Windows® phone can be used to synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks over the air. Alternatively, they can use Desktop Exchange ActiveSync to partner their phone that runs the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system with an Exchange Server by using a USB cable from a desktop computer that is connected to your network.

Regardless of the connection method, you will need to provide users with the following information before they can synchronize with your Exchange Server:

  • The user's e-mail address
  • The mailbox password

Your users can use Exchange ActiveSync on their phones or on their computer to choose which types of data, such as contacts, calendar, tasks, and e-mail that they will synchronize with Exchange. You may advise your users to uncheck any data types that should not be stored on their phones.


For more information about Exchange ActiveSync, see Managing Exchange ActiveSync Devices on the Microsoft TechNet Web site.

If your users use the desktop ActiveSync or WMDC setup, advise them to be sure to choose the option to synchronize their phones directly with the Exchange Server. Direct Push Technology and security policy enforcement will be effective only when the phones are synchronized directly with the Exchange Server. Synchronizing phones with the desktop computer is not recommended.

Connecting to an Exchange Server Over the Air (OTA) or Over a Wireless Network

Your phone users can use Exchange ActiveSync in Windows Mobile 6.5 to synchronize directly with their Exchange Server.

At the first installation, a user can use Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize either using the desktop computer or wirelessly. If your users have the address of their Exchange Server and know their respective Exchange usernames, passwords, and domains, the Exchange ActiveSync wizard will walk them through the steps.

To connect a Windows® phone to an Exchange Server

  1. On the Home screen, choose Exchange ActiveSync, choose Menu, and then choose the Configure Server tab. If the phone has not yet been synchronized with Exchange Server, Add Server Source… will be the available option.
  2. In Enter Email Address, type the e-mail address and then choose Next.
  3. In Edit Server Settings, type server address from where you will access e-mails and choose Next.
  4. Enter your user name, password, and domain name, and then choose Next. If you want the phone to save your password so that you will not need to enter it again the next time that you connect your phone to the Exchange Server, select the Save password check box.
  5. Choose the content that you want to synchronize and then choose Finish.

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