Converting VBScript's CDate Function

Definition: Returns an expression that has been converted to a Variant of subtype Date.


Need to make sure that a value is treated as a date? Then do this. First, assign the value to a variable; here we’re assigning the string 11/1/2006 to the variable $a:

$a = "11/1/2006" 

In fact, if we now call the GetType() method we’ll see that $a is a string variable:

IsPublic IsSerial Name
-------- -------- ----
True     True     String

To convert $a to a date-time value we can use this command:

$a = [datetime] $a

When you run this command and check the data type for $a you should get the following:

IsPublic IsSerial Name
-------- -------- ----
True     True     DateTime

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