Converting VBScript's Private Statement

Definition: Declares private variables and allocates storage space. Declares, in a Class block, a private variable.


The Private statement in VBScript is concerned with classes; we’re going to take the liberty of extending the definition of Private here, primarily because we aren’t going to talk about classes. Instead of talking about private variables in terms of classes, we’re going to talk about private variables in terms of scope.

In Windows PowerShell all you have to do is set the scope to Private. For example, this command creates a variable named $a with the scope set to private. Note that, when specifying a scope, you do not preface the variable name with a $; however, in your commands you will still refer to this variable as $a.

Here’s the command:

$Private:a = 5

Because this is a private variable it will be available only in the scope in which it was created. If you type $a from the command prompt you’ll get back the value of $a. However, if you run a script that simply echoes back the value of $a you won’t get back anything; that’s because, as a private variable, $a is not available outside the command shell scope.

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