Converting the FileSystemObject's Delete Method

Definition: Deletes a specified file or folder.


Use the Remove-Item cmdlet to remove a file or folder. This example removes the C:\scripts\temp2\test.txt file:

Remove-Item C:\scripts\temp2\test.txt

This example removes the temp2 folder:

Remove-Item C:\scripts\temp2

If the C:\scripts\temp2 folder contains files or subfolders, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete this folder. Unless, of course, you use the -recurse parameter:

Remove-Item C:\scripts\temp2 -recurse

The FileSystemObject’s Delete method allows you to specify whether you want to delete read-only files. To delete read-only files in PowerShell, use the -force parameter:

Remove-Item C:\scripts\temp2\test.txt -force

The built-in aliases del and rmdir also allow you to delete files and folders:

del C:\scripts\temp2\test.txt
del C:\scripts\temp2
rmdir temp2

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