Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0

Published: March 12, 2004 | Updated: June 08, 2007

The Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) version 5.0 contains the necessary tools and documentation to evaluate and mitigate application compatibility issues before deploying Microsoft Windows Vista, a Windows Update, or a new version of Windows Internet Explorer in your environment.

Application Compatibility Tools

Application Compatibility Analyzer
Best For: IT Pros
The Microsoft Application Compatibility Analyzer tool collects application information from computers, along with identifying machine information. It can be used to automate the process of creating an inventory of the applications used in your corporation. In addition, the Analyzer checks the compatibility status of the applications against an online database, providing reports that can be updated, printed or exported.

Application Verifier
Best For: Developers
The AppVerifier is a tool designed to help developers pinpoint difficult to test or subtle problems in their applications. Though focused on application compatibility, it also contains a variety of tests on general application stability and good coding practices.

Compatibility Administrator
Best For: IT Pros
This administration tool provides an interface for working with the compatibility data and features on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. The user can turn on and off any of the internal system fixes, browse for fixed applications on system drives, fix application security issues that prevent older programs from working on non-Administrator accounts, and create multiple fix packages that can be propagated and installed on other computers to resolve compatibility issues.

For More Information

See also Windows Application Compatibility Resources. To participate in discussions of application compatibility-related issues, please visit our newsgroup.

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