MS Interix 2.2 Subsystem Update

For Softway INTERIX 2.2 SP1.

Microsoft Corporation acquired Softway Systems Inc., September 16, 1999, and is committed to Interix technology.

The first Microsoft release of INTERIX is Microsoft INTERIX 2.2. This is essentially the Softway Systems INTERIX 2.2 SP1 product. The primary difference between the Softway and Microsoft editions of the product are that the Microsoft edition runs on Windows 2000.

Click here to copy Msix22su.exe to your computer

Msix22su.exe contains the cabinet file MSIX22_1.CAB. After you have copied the file to your computer, run Msix22su.exe. This will extract the file MSIX22_1.CAB. The CAB contains a subsystem (POSIX.EXE, PSXSS.EXE, PSXDLL.DLL, PSXRUN.EXE) that is ready for Windows 2000. Customers of Softway Systems INTERIX 2.2 SP1 can lay down this cabinet file and INTERIX will run on Windows 2000. The original Softway Systems product keys will continue to work and you can now use INTERIX 2.2 on Windows 2000.

How to Determine if you can Use this Cabinet File

In the Windows NT Explorer or from "My Computer" locate the INTERIX subsystem, PSXSS.EXE, in %Windir%\system32 and look at the version information in the file properties (File->Properties; Version tab).

If the subsystem version is 2.2.428.0 or greater, then it is already Windows 2000 enabled.

If the subsystem version is 2.2.202 or lower, then Softway INTERIX 2.2 SP1 was NEVER installed or the historical Softway patchs NEVER applied. The current Cabinet file may cause a number of problems and should NOT be installed. Please purchase Microsoft INTERIX 2.2 to run on Windows 2000.

Extracting and Installing the Cabinet File

Ensure the following:

  1. Ensure there are no INTERIX based services set to run automatically on reboot.

  2. Ensure INTERIX subsystem (PSXSS.EXE) is not running. A reboot (after Step 1 above is the best way.)

  3. Ensure you are running as Administrator.

  4. From a CMD.EXE command line, unpack the cab file with expand or extract as follows:

    extract /e MSIX22_1.CAB /l \temp /y


    expand MSIX22_1.CAB -f:* \temp
  5. The cab file can be listed with either expand or extract:

    expand -d MSIX22_1.CAB


    extract /d MSIX22_1.CAB
  6. Copy or move the four files of the subsystem (POSIX.EXE, PSXDLL.DLL, PSXRUN.EXE, PSXSS.EXE) to %WINDIR%/system32.

  7. INTERIX should be enabled on Windows 2000.

Note: Please read Read1st.txt (included in the file) for more information.