Chapter 10 - IETF References

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Differentiated Services
Integrates Services Over Specific Link Layers

Many of the concepts discussed in the previous pages are described in IETF drafts and RFCs that are in various stages of standardization. These are listed below. Note that many of these are works in progress and as such, should not be considered official standards. Nonetheless, much of the described functionality is already being offered by equipment vendors, thus leading to the establishment of de facto standards.


RFC 2205 - RSVP Functional Specification
RFC 2207 - RSVP Extensions for IPSec Data Flows


RFC 2210 - Use of RSVP with Integrated Services
RFC 2211 - Specification of the Controlled Load Quality of Service
RFC 2212 - Specification of the Guaranteed Quality of Service
RFC 2215 - General Characterization Parameters for Integrated Services Network Elements

Differentiated Services

RFC 2475 - Architecture for Differentiated Services
RFC 2474 - Definition of the Differentiated Service Field
RFC 2597 - Assured Forwarding PHB Group
RFC 2598 - Expedited Forwarding PHB

RFC 2382 - A Framework for Integrates Services and RSVP Over ATM
RFC 2379 - RSVP Over ATM Implementation Guidelines