Windows Firewall Settings: Optional Components

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Windows Firewall is a stateful host firewall that blocks all unsolicited incoming TCP/IP traffic, including Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) traffic. If you enable Windows Firewall on a server and you install and use an optional component that listens for unsolicited incoming traffic, you must usually configure Windows Firewall settings so that the optional component can receive unsolicited traffic. Although you can configure Windows Firewall settings manually, the recommended method is to use the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW).

To use an optional component with Windows Firewall, you usually need to add a program or port to the Windows Firewall exceptions list. When you add a program or port to the exceptions list, you instruct Windows Firewall to allow unsolicited incoming traffic to reach the specified program or pass through the specified port. In some cases, you might need to change a registry setting or enable one of the preconfigured Windows Firewall exceptions, such as the File and Printer Sharing exception or the Remote Administration exception.


The Remote Administration exception allows traffic through numerous ports, which can make your computer more accessible to attack. Be sure to read the Windows Firewall documentation so that you understand the risks of using the Remote Administration exception. Incorrectly editing the registry can severely damage your system. Before making changes to the registry, you should back up any valued data on the computer.

For more information about configuring Windows Firewall exceptions, see Managing Program, Port, and Service Exceptions ( and Help: Understanding Windows Firewall Exceptions ( For more information about SCW, see Security Configuration Wizard Overview on the Microsoft Web site (

Use the A-Z list to find out how to configure Windows Firewall for use with the following optional components.

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Access Control system (Windows Firewall: Access Control system)

Accessibility Wizard (Windows Firewall: Accessibility Wizard)

ASP.NET (Windows Firewall: ASP.NET session state server)


No entries


Certificate Services (Windows Firewall: Certificate Services)

Certificate Services Web Enrollment Support (Windows Firewall: Certificate Services Web Enrollment Support)

Chat (Windows Firewall: Chat)

Connection Manager Administration Kit (Windows Firewall: Connection Manager Administration Kit)

Connection Point Services (Windows Firewall: Connection Point Services)


No entries


No entries


No entries


No entries


HyperTerminal (Windows Firewall: HyperTerminal)


IIS: Active Server Pages (Windows Firewall: IIS: Active Server Pages)

IIS: BITS server extension ISAPI (Windows Firewall: IIS: BITS server extension ISAPI)

IIS: FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions (Windows Firewall: IIS: FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions)

IIS: Internet Data Connector (Windows Firewall: IIS: Internet Data Connector)

IIS: Internet Printing (Windows Firewall: IIS: Internet Printing)

IIS: Remote Administration (HTML) (Windows Firewall: IIS: Remote Administration (HTML))

IIS: Remote Desktop Web Connection (Windows Firewall: IIS: Remote Desktop Web Connection)

IIS: Server Side Includes (Windows Firewall: IIS: Server Side Includes)

IIS: WebDAV Publishing (Windows Firewall: IIS: WebDAV Publishing)

Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client (Windows Firewall: Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client)


No entries


No entries


No entries


Message Queuing: Active Directory Integration (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: Active Directory Integration)

Message Queuing: Core Functionality (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: Core Functionality)

Message Queuing: Downlevel Client Support (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: Downlevel Client Support)

Message Queuing: Local Storage (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: Local Storage)

Message Queuing: MSMQ HTTP Support (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: MSMQ HTTP Support)

Message Queuing: Routing Support (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: Routing Support)

Message Queuing: Triggers (Windows Firewall: Message Queuing: Triggers)


Network COM+ access (Windows Firewall: Network COM access)

Network DTC access (Windows Firewall: Network DTC access)

Network Monitor Tools (Windows Firewall: Network Monitor Tools)


Outlook Express (Windows Firewall: Outlook Express)


POP3 Service Web Administration (Windows Firewall: POP3 Service Web Administration)


No entries


Remote Access Quarantine Service (Windows Firewall: Remote Access Quarantine Service)

RPC over HTTP Proxy (Windows Firewall: RPC over HTTP Proxy)


Security auditing (Windows Firewall: Security auditing)

Simple Network Management Protocol (Windows Firewall: Simple Network Management Protocol)


No entries


UDDI Services Database Components (Windows Firewall: UDDI Services Database Components)

UDDI Services Web Server Components (Windows Firewall: UDDI Services Web Server Components)

Update Root Certificates (Windows Firewall: Update Root Certificates)


No entries


Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web (Windows Firewall: Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web)

WMI SNMP Provider (Windows Firewall: WMI SNMP Provider)

WMI Windows Installer Provider (Windows Firewall: WMI Windows Installer Provider)


No entries


No entries


No entries