Netsh commands for remote access

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Netsh commands for remote access

The following table lists the Netsh commands that you can type at a command prompt to administer a server running Routing and Remote Access. If there are multiple commands for a particular function, they are indicated by separating the individual commands with a slash (/). For example, the command ras add/delete/show registeredserver is actually three separate commands: ras add registeredserver, ras delete registeredserver, and ras show registeredserver.

When you type the command at the command prompt, precede each command with netsh. For the exact syntax of each command, type the command with the ? option. For example, to receive command-line Help on the netsh ras add registeredserver command, type netsh ras add registeredserver ? at the command prompt.

Command Description

ras add/delete/show registeredserver

Configures or displays whether the specified remote access server computer is a member of the RAS and IAS Servers security group in the Active Directory directory service of the specified domain.

ras show activeservers

Displays current servers running Routing and Remote Access on your network.

ras set/show authmode

Configures or displays whether and when dial-in connections are authenticated.

ras add/delete/show authtype

Configures or displays the permitted authentication types.

ras add/delete/show client

Configures or displays currently connected remote access clients.

ras add/delete/show link

Configures or displays the configuration of software compression and link control protocol (LCP) extensions.

ras add/delete/show multilink

Configures or displays Multilink and Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) settings.

ras set/show tracing

Configures or displays tracing settings.

ras set/show user

Configures or displays remote access settings for user accounts.

ras ip set access

Configures whether IP traffic from remote access clients is forwarded to the networks to which the remote access server is connected.

ras ip set addrassign

Configures the method by which the remote access server assigns IP addresses to incoming connections.

ras ip set addrreq

Configures whether remote access clients or demand-dial routers can request their own IP addresses.

ras ip show config

Displays IP remote access configuration.

ras ip set negotiation

Configures whether IP is negotiated for remote access connections.

ras ip delete pool

Deletes the static IP address pool.

ras ip add/delete range

Adds or removes a range of addresses from the static IP address pool.

ras appletalk set access

Configures whether AppleTalk traffic from remote access clients is forwarded to the networks to which the remote access server is connected.

ras appletalk show config

Displays AppleTalk remote access configuration.

ras appletalk set negotiation

Configures whether AppleTalk is negotiated for remote access connections.

ras aaaa set/show accounting

Configures or displays the accounting provider.

ras aaaa add/delete/set/show acctserver

Configures or displays RADIUS accounting servers.

ras aaaa set/show authentication

Configures or displays the authentication provider.

ras aaaa add/delete/set/show authserver

Configures or displays RADIUS authentication servers.

For more information about Netsh, see The Netsh Command-Line Utility.