Netcap Syntax

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

NetCap Syntax

NetCap uses the following syntax:

Art Imagenetcap [/b:Number] [/t Type Buffer HexadecimalOffset HexadecimalPattern] [/f: FilterFile] [/c: CapturePath] [/n: Number] [/l: HH:MM:SS] [/tcf: FolderName] [/remove]


  • */b:Number***
    Specifies the buffer size in megabytes. Number can be from 1 to 1000. The default is 1 (MB).
  • */t* *Type Buffer HexadecimalOffset HexadecimalPattern*
    Specifies the use of a trigger to determine when to stop capturing. If the trigger is omitted, NetCap captures until the buffer is full, then stops. The /t N option continues to capture until the spacebar is pressed, using the buffer as a queue. If the buffer becomes full Netcap will overwrite the oldest entries.
  • Type
    B = Buffer

**P** = Pattern

**BP** = Buffer then pattern

**PB** = Pattern then buffer

**N** = No trigger
  • Buffer
    Percent buffer size. Options are 25, 50, 75, and 100. It is used with B, BP, PB, but not P.
  • HexadecimalOffset
    Hexadecimal offset from start of frame. Used with P, BP, PB, but not B.
  • HexadecimalPattern
    Hexadecimal pattern to match. Used with P, BP, PB, but not B. The pattern must be an even number of hexadecimal digits.
  • */f:* *FilterFile*
    Specifies a filter to use during the capture. A filter file is created using Network Monitor in versions 2.x and after. A filter file has a .cf extension.
  • */c:* *CapturePath*
    Specifies a location where Netcap will move the temporary capture files. This can be any valid local or remote path. If /c is not specified, the capture path remains in the default temporary capture folder.
  • */n:* *Number*
    Specifies which network adapter to capture from, based on the network adapter index number. Run Netcap with the /? parameter to assign index numbers to the network adapters on the computer.
  • */l:* *HH:MM:SS*
    Specifies how long the capture will last in hours, minutes, and seconds (maximum = 99:99:99). Note
    • This option overrides the default 100 percent trigger, unless /t Type is also specified.
  • */tcf:* *FolderName*
    Sets the location where the temporary capture files are stored. The path must be on a fixed local hard drive. Once set, you only need to use the option again to change the directory.
  • */remove*
    Removes the NetCap instance of the Network Monitor Driver.


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