Troubleshooting Crashes with a Debugger

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 with SP1

A crash can occur when code executing in the process hosting the application encounters an unexpected event that causes an exception and results in a process shutdown. Examples of such events include a stack overflow, encountering an invalid memory address (an access violation), or executing an invalid instruction. Because these situations are unexpected and, thus, unobservable, you need to run Adplus.vbs in monitoring, or crash, mode before the problem occurs again.

To run Adplus.vbs in crash mode, at the command prompt, type: C:\debuggers\> cscript.exe adplus.vbs -crash -p PID

If you do not know which process is crashing, use the -iis parameter, which causes Adplus.vbs to monitor all of the IIS–related processes for crashes. When a crash occurs, the dump files are written to disk.