Checklist: Setting up Server for NIS

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2

Checklist: Setting up Server for NIS

Step Reference

Read about Server for NIS.

Concepts of Server for NIS

Migrate Network Information Service (NIS) maps to Active Directory.

Checklist: NIS migration to Active Directory using the NIS Data Migration wizard

Set how often maps are propagated to subordinate (also known as slave) NIS servers.

Change the frequency of map updates to UNIX subordinate (slave) NIS servers

Review and, if needed, add or remove UNIX subordinate servers in the domain.

Add or remove UNIX subordinate (slave) servers

As needed, install Server for NIS on other domain controllers, which will automatically be configured as subordinate servers. Install Password Synchronization on all other domain controllers. This will ensure that when a user's password is changed, the password will be updated across the domain. Server for NIS will receive the updated passwords when the data is replicated to the domain controller.

Install Server for NIS

Synchronizing passwords with an NIS domain