Edit quota template properties

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2

When making changes to a quota template, you have the option of extending those changes to quotas that were created using the original quota template. You can choose to modify only those quotas that still match the original template or all quotas that were derived from the original template, regardless of any modifications made to the quotas since they were created. This feature simplifies the process of updating the properties of quotas by providing one central point where all changes can be made.


If you choose to apply the changes to all quotas that were derived from the original template, you will overwrite any custom quota properties that you may have created.

To edit quota template properties

  1. In Quota Templates, select the template that you want to modify.

  2. Right-click the quota template and click Edit template properties, or select Edit template properties from the actions pane, under Selected Quota Templates. This opens the Quota Template Properties dialog box.

  3. Perform all necessary changes. Optionally, you can copy the properties of a different template and modify them for this one.

  4. When you are finished editing the template properties click OK. This will open the Update Quotas Derived from Template dialog box.

  5. Select the type of update you want to apply:

    • If you have quotas that have been modified since they were created using the original template, and you do not want to change them, select Apply template only to derived quotas that match the original template. This option will update only those quotas that have not been edited and maintain the original template properties.

    • If you want to modify all existing quotas that were created using the original template, select Apply template to all derived quotas.

    • If you want to keep the existing quotas unchanged, select Do not apply template to derived quotas.

  6. Click OK.

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