Filever Examples

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

FileVer Examples

Example: Determine the version of Internet Explorer

Some applications are not able to correctly determine the version number of various types of upgraded files. FileVer determines the version numbers of applications by examining the header information in the upgraded file. In this example, to determine the version number of Microsoft Internet Explorer, first append the path environment variable to include the Support Tools directory:

path= %PATH%;c:\program files\support tools

Change directories to the Internet Explorer directory:

cd c:\program files\internet explorer

Then, run FileVer by typing the following:

filever \v iexplore.exe

FileVer displays version information about Microsoft Internet Explorer similar to the following:

--a-- W32i   APP ENU      6.0.2484.0 shp     91,136 05-29-2001 iexplore.exe
        Language        0x0409 (English (United States))
        CharSet         0x04b0 Unicode
        OleSelfRegister Disabled
        CompanyName     Microsoft Corporation
        FileDescription Internet Explorer
        InternalName    iexplore
        OriginalFilenam IEXPLORE.EXE
        ProductName     Microsoft« Windows« Operating System
        ProductVersion  6.00.2484.0000
        FileVersion     6.00.2484.0000 (main.010529-2005)
        LegalCopyright  ¬ Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

        Signature:      feef04bd
        Struc Ver:      00010000
        FileVer:        00060000:09b40000 (6.0:2484.0)
        ProdVer:        00060000:09b40000 (6.0:2484.0)
        FlagMask:       0000003f
        Flags:          00000000
        OS:             00040004 NT Win32
        FileType:       00000001 App
        SubType:        00000000
        FileDate:       00000000:00000000

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