Sdcheck Syntax

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

SDCheck Syntax

SDCheck uses the following syntax:

Art ImagesdcheckServerObject [/dumpsd] [/dumpall] [/debug] [[**/domain:**DomainName/user: UserName /password: Password]


  • Server
    Specifies the name of the domain controller on which to perform the query. The name may be either the DNS name or the NetBIOS name of the domain controller.
  • Object
    Specifies the name of the object on which you want to determine the access control list (ACL) entries. The name can be either the logon name (for example, EXAMPLE\someone), the fully distinguished name (for example, cn=Someone, ou=Sales,dc=example,dc=com), or the user principal name (for example,
  • /dumpsd
    Displays only the security descriptor for the selected object.
  • /dumpall
    Displays the security descriptor for the selected object along with all security descriptors inherited from parent containers. Administrators can use this parameter to determine the inheritance of security descriptors from parent objects through the object hierarchy.
  • /debug
    Displays internal debugging information for the Security Descriptor Check Utility.
  • /domain: DomainName
    Specifies the domain name of UserName in either DNS or NetBIOS format. Used to specify credentials other than the current user's.
  • /user: UserName
    Specifies the name of a user other than the current user, in the form of either the logon name or user principal name. If a user principal name is specified, then a domain name is not required.
  • /password: Password
    Specifies the password of UserName. Used to specify credentials other than the current user's.

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