Windows Firewall Settings: Services

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Windows Firewall is a stateful host firewall that blocks all unsolicited incoming TCP/IP traffic, including Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) traffic. If you enable Windows Firewall on a server and the server uses a service that listens for unsolicited incoming traffic, you must usually configure Windows Firewall settings so that the service can receive unsolicited traffic. Although you can configure Windows Firewall settings manually, the recommended method is to use the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW).

To use a service with Windows Firewall, you usually need to add a program or port to the Windows Firewall exceptions list. When you add a program or port to the exceptions list, you instruct Windows Firewall to allow unsolicited incoming traffic to reach the specified program or pass through the specified port. In some cases, you might need to change a registry setting or enable one of the preconfigured Windows Firewall exceptions, such as the File and Printer Sharing exception or the Remote Administration exception.


The Remote Administration exception allows traffic through numerous ports, which can make your computer more accessible to attack. Be sure to read the Windows Firewall documentation so that you understand the risks of using the Remote Administration exception. Incorrectly editing the registry can severely damage your system. Before making changes to the registry, you should back up any valued data on the computer.

For more information about configuring Windows Firewall exceptions, see Managing Program, Port, and Service Exceptions ( and Help: Understanding Windows Firewall Exceptions ( For more information about SCW, see Security Configuration Wizard Overview on the Microsoft Web site (

Use the A-Z list to find out how to configure Windows Firewall for use with the following services.

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Alerter (Windows Firewall: alerter)

Application Layer Gateway Service (Windows Firewall: alg)

Application Management (Windows Firewall: appmgmt)

ASP.NET State Service (Windows Firewall: aspnetstate)

Automatic Updates (Windows Firewall: wuausrv)


No entries


Certificate Services (Windows Firewall: certsvc)

Client Service for NetWare (Windows Firewall: nwcworkstation)

ClipBook (Windows Firewall: clipsrv)

Cluster Service (Windows Firewall: clussvc)

COM+ Event System (Windows Firewall: eventsystem)

COM+ System Application (Windows Firewall: comsysapp)

Computer Browser (Windows Firewall: browser)

Cryptographic Services (Windows Firewall: cryptsvc)


DCOM Server Process Launcher (Windows Firewall: dcomlaunch)

DHCP Client (Windows Firewall: dhcp)

DHCP Server (Windows Firewall: dhcpserver)

Distributed File System (Windows Firewall: dfs)

Distributed Link Tracking Client (Windows Firewall: trkwks)

Distributed Link Tracking Server (Windows Firewall: trksvr)

Distributed Transaction Coordinator (Windows Firewall: msdtc)

DNS Client (Windows Firewall: dnscache)

DNS Server (Windows Firewall: DNS server)


Error Reporting Service (Windows Firewall: ersvc)

Event Log (Windows Firewall: eventlog)


Fax (Windows Firewall: fax)

File and Print Services for Netware (Windows Firewall: fpsvcnetware)

File Replication (Windows Firewall: ntfrs)

File Server Macintosh (Windows Firewall: File Server Macintosh)

FTP Publishing Service (Windows Firewall: msftpsvc)


No entries


Help and Support (Windows Firewall: helpsvc)

Human Interface Device Access (Windows Firewall: hidserv)


IAS Jet Database Access (Windows Firewall: iasjet)

IASJet (used by RRAS) (Windows Firewall: iasjetrras)

IIS Admin Service (Windows Firewall: iisadmin)

IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service (Windows Firewall: imapiservice)

Indexing Service (Windows Firewall: cisvc)

Infrared Monitor (Windows Firewall: irmon)

Internet Authentication Service (Windows Firewall: ias)

Intersite Messaging (Windows Firewall: ismserv)

IPSEC Services (Windows Firewall: policyagent)

IPv6 Helper Service (Windows Firewall: 6to4)


No entries


Kerberos Key Distribution Center (Windows Firewall: kdc)


License Logging (Windows Firewall: licenseservice)

Logical Disk Manager (Windows Firewall: dmserver)

Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service (Windows Firewall: dmadmin)


Message Queuing (Windows Firewall: msmq)

Message Queuing Downlevel Client (Windows Firewall: mqds)

Message Queuing Triggers (Windows Firewall: msmqtriggers)

Messenger (Windows Firewall: messenger)

Microsoft Operations Manager (Windows Firewall: mom)

Microsoft POP3 Service (Windows Firewall: pop3svc)

Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider (Windows Firewall: swprv)


Net Logon (Windows Firewall: netlogon)

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing (Windows Firewall: mnmsrvc)

Network Connections (Windows Firewall: netman)

Network DDE (Windows Firewall: netdde)

Network DDE DSDM (Windows Firewall: netddedsdm)

Network Location Awareness (NLA) (Windows Firewall: nla)

Network News Transport Protocol (Windows Firewall: nntpsvc)

Network Provisioning Service (Windows Firewall: xmlprov)

NTLM Security Support Provider (Windows Firewall: ntlmssp)


No entries


Performance Logs and Alerts (Windows Firewall: sysmonlog)

Plug and Play (Windows Firewall: plugplay)

Portable Media Serial Number Service (Windows Firewall: wmdmpmsn)

Print Server for Macintosh (Windows Firewall: macprint)

Print Spooler (Windows Firewall: spooler)

Protected Storage (Windows Firewall: protectedstorage)


No entries


Remote Access Connection Manager (Windows Firewall: rasman)

Remote Administration Service (Windows Firewall: srvcsurg)

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (Windows Firewall: rdsessmgr)

Remote Installation (Windows Firewall: binlsvc)

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (Windows Firewall: rpcss)

Remote Registry (Windows Firewall: remoteregistry)

Remote Server Manager (Windows Firewall: appmgr)

Remote Storage Notification (Windows Firewall: remotestorageuserlink)

Remote Storage Server (Windows Firewall: remotestorageserver)

Removable Storage (Windows Firewall: ntmssvc)

Resultant Set of Policy Provider (Windows Firewall: rsopprov)

Routing and Remote Access (Windows Firewall: remoteaccess)


SAP Agent (Windows Firewall: nwsapagent)

Secondary Logon (Windows Firewall: seclogon)

Security Accounts Manager (Windows Firewall: samss)

Server (Windows Firewall: lanmanserver)

Shell Hardware Detection (Windows Firewall: shellhwddetection)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) (Windows Firewall: smptsvc)

Simple TCP/IP Services (Windows Firewall: simptcp)

Single Instance Storage Groveler (Windows Firewall: groveler)

Smart Card (Windows Firewall: scardsvr)

SNMP Service (Windows Firewall: snmp)

SNMP Trap Service (Windows Firewall: snmptrap)

Special Administration Console Helper (Windows Firewall: sacsvr)

SSL for World Wide Web Publishing (Windows Firewall: sslwww)

System Event Notification (Windows Firewall: sens)


Task Scheduler (Windows Firewall: schedule)

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (Windows Firewall: lmhosts)

TCP/IP Print Server (Windows Firewall: lpdsvc)

Telephony (Windows Firewall: tapisrv)

Telnet (Windows Firewall: tlntsvr)

Terminal Server Licensing (Windows Firewall: termservlicensing)

Terminal Services (Windows Firewall: termservice)

Terminal Services Session Directory (Windows Firewall: tssdis)

Trivial FTP Daemon (Windows Firewall: tftpd)


Uninterruptible Power Supply (Windows Firewall: ups)


Virtual Disk Service (Windows Firewall: vds)

Volume Shadow Copy (Windows Firewall: vss)


Web Usage Logging (Windows Firewall: webusage)

WebClient (Windows Firewall: webclient)

Windows Audio (Windows Firewall: audiosrv)

Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (Windows Firewall: sharedaccess)

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (Windows Firewall: stisvc)

Windows Installer (Windows Firewall: msiserver)

Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) (Windows Firewall: wins)

Windows Management Instrumentation (Windows Firewall: winmgmt)

Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions (Windows Firewall: wmi)

Windows Media Services (Windows Firewall: wmserver)

Windows System Resource Manager (Windows Firewall: winsysresmgr)

Windows Time (Windows Firewall: w32time)

Windows User Mode Driver Framework (Windows Firewall: umwdf)

WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service (Windows Firewall: winhttpautoproxysvc)

Wireless Configuration (Windows Firewall: wzcsvc)

WMI Performance Adapter (Windows Firewall: wmiapsrv)

Workstation (Windows Firewall: lanmanworkstation)

World Wide Web Publishing (Windows Firewall: w3svc)


No entries


No entries


No entries