Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2


Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation

Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation is a comprehensive technical resource for installing, configuring, and supporting Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition in networks that use Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT® Server 4.0, and other server systems.


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Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation

To see a browsable version of Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation on the Web, go to the Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Web site, or use the links below. To view specific chapters online, click a chapter link.

Part I Deployment and Installation

Ch. 1 Planning Deployments

Ch. 2 Automating and Customizing Installations

Ch. 3 Multilingual Solutions for Global Business

Ch. 4 Supporting Installations

Part II Desktop Management

Ch. 5 Managing Desktops

Ch. 6 Managing Files and Folders

Ch. 7 Supporting Mobile Users

Ch. 8 Configuring Remote Desktop

Ch. 9 Managing Devices

Ch. 10 Managing Digital Media

Ch. 11 Enabling Printing and Faxing

Ch. 12 Disk Management

Ch. 13 File Systems

Ch. 14 Backup and Restore

Part III Security

Ch. 15 Logon and Authentication

Ch. 16 Authorization and Access Control

Ch. 17 Encrypting File System

Part IV Networking

Ch. 18 Connecting Clients to Windows Networks

Ch. 19 Configuring TCP/IP

Ch. 20 Configuring IP Addressing and Name Resolution

Ch. 21 Connecting Remote Offices

Ch. 22 Configuring Telephony and Conferencing

Part V Interoperability

Ch. 23 Interoperating with UNIX

Ch. 24 Interoperating with NetWare

Ch. 25 Interoperating with IBM Host Systems

Part VI System Troubleshooting

Ch. 26 Troubleshooting Concepts and Strategies

Ch. 27 Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems

Ch. 28 Troubleshooting Startup

Part VII Appendices

Appendix A System Files Reference

Appendix B User Rights

Appendix C Common Stop Messages for Troubleshooting

Appendix D Tools for Troubleshooting

Appendix E Security Event Messages

Appendix F Device Manager Error Codes

Appendix G Differences with Windows XP Home Edition

Appendix H Differences with Windows XP 64-Bit Edition

Appendix I Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Appendix J Well-Known Security Identifiers

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