Microsoft Services for NFS troubleshooting

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2

General Issues

I need to modify ports used by Microsoft Services for NFS.


Port conflicts or security requirements necessitate port changes.


Log on to servers running Microsoft Services for Network File System (NFS) and change the following ports from the Registry Editor:

NLM and NSM ports

To modify the NLM and NSM ports, change the following registry settings:


DWORD "NlmPort"

DWORD "NsmPort"

Mount and NFS ports

To modify the mount protocol port, change the following registry setting:


DWORD "MountPort"

DWORD "NfsPort

Base port

The base port specifies the first of four sequential ports used by the mapping server. To modify the base port and the subsequent mapping server ports, change the following registry setting:


DWORD "BasePort"

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