Find a component in Add/Remove Windows Components

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

The following table shows the relationships between the top-level components and their respective sub-level components located in Add/Remove Windows Components. To find and install a certain sub-level component, locate the associated top-level component, and then click Details. For example, to install ADAM, click Active Directory Services, and then click Details.

Top-level Components Sub-level 1 Components Sub-level 2 and 3 Components

Active Directory Services

  • Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

Not applicable


  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

  • ADFS Web Services Agents

    • Claims-aware Applications

    • Windows NT token-based applications

  • Federation Service

  • Federation Service Proxy


  • Identity Management for UNIX

  • Administration Components

  • Password Synchronization

  • Server For NIS

Distributed File System

  • DFS Management

  • DFS Replication Service

Not applicable

Management and Monitoring Tools

  • File Server Resource Manager

  • Hardware Management

  • Print Management Console Component

  • Storage Manager for SANs

Not applicable

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Not applicable

Not applicable

Other Network File and Print Services

  • Common Log File System

Not applicable


  • Microsoft Services for NFS

  • Client for NFS

  • Microsoft Services for NFS Administration

  • RPC External Data Representation

  • RPC Port Mapper

  • Server for NFS

  • Server For NFS Authentication

  • User Name Mapping

Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications

Not applicable

Not applicable

Windows SharePoint Services

Not applicable

Not applicable