Performance Tuning

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1

Web server administrators often monitor their Web servers to create a performance baseline. A performance baseline is a collection of data that indicates how the servers are performing when everything is running smoothly. Before making changes to their servers in a production environment, administrators tune their servers in a test environment to achieve the established performance baseline. By tuning their servers, Web server administrators maximize the Web server's ability to handle HTTP requests and minimize Web application response times, which create a better experience for clients accessing their Web servers.

In This Section

This section includes the following information:

  • For more information about each of the performance features described in this section and for a more detailed introduction into what it means to monitor and tune an IIS Web server, see Optimizing IIS 6.0 Performance.

  • For more information about performance tuning, how to work with counters, how to create and configure counters, trace logs, or alerts, and a list of best practices; see "Monitoring Performance" in Help and Support Center for Windows Server 2003.

  • For information about monitoring the performance of your ASP.NET applications, see Overview of ASP.NET Performance Monitoring.

  • For more information about the Web Capacity Analysis Tool for performance testing and monitoring, download the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools and their accompanying documentation.