Uninstalling WSUS from SQL Server

Applies To: Windows Server Update Services

If you uninstall WSUS, read the following information.

Uninstalling might leave some WSUS configurations on computers running SQL server

Local SQL Server accounts that are created by WSUS Setup are not removed by the WSUS uninstall component. The WSUS uninstall component does not remove Network Service and ASP.NET accounts from the local computer running SQL server. If some other application or database is using these accounts, this ensures that these applications or databases do not fail. If you are sure that no other application or database requires the Network Service or ASP.NET accounts, you can manually remove them from the computer running SQL server.

For information about how to manually remove Network Service or ASP.NET accounts from a computer running SQL Server 2000 or MSDE, see SQL Server product documentation. You can download product documentation for SQL Server 2000 from the SQL Server 2005 Books Online page of the Microsoft Web site