Viewing Updates

Applies To: Windows Server Update Services

On the Updates page, you can do the following:

  • View the list of updates. The list of updates displays updates that have been synchronized from the update source to your server running Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and are available for approval. You can filter the list of updates by using criteria such as classifications and products, approval status, synchronization date, and text string. In addition, you can sort the list of updates by clicking the appropriate column heading in the list of updates title bar

  • View details, status, and revision history for each update.

  • Approve updates for installation.

  • Approve updates for detection.

  • Decline updates.

To open the Updates page

  • On the WSUS console toolbar, click Updates.

To view updates

  1. On the WSUS console toolbar, click Updates. Updates are displayed in the list of updates.

  2. To sort by additional information, download status, title, classification, release date, or approval status, click the appropriate column heading.

To filter the list of updates displayed on the Updates page

  1. On the WSUS console toolbar, click Updates.

  2. Under View, select the appropriate criteria for your filter in the list boxes, and then click Apply. The list of updates will reflect your chosen criteria. The Contains Text box, under View, enables you to enter text to search on the following criteria for an update: Title, Description, and Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article number. Each of these items is a property listed on the Details tab in the update properties.

To view the properties for an update

  1. On the WSUS console toolbar, click Updates.

  2. In the list of updates, click the update for which you want to view properties.

  3. In the properties pane, click one of the tabs for the following:

    • The Details tab displays both general properties (for example, title, description, and release date) and installation information (for example, requirements for installation, including whether the update is uninstallable) about the update. In addition, the Details tab indicates if the update supersedes or is superseded by another update.

    • The Status tab displays download, approval, and installation status for the update by computer group. You can further expand computer groups to see update status by computer.

    • The Revisions tab displays revision information about the update, including general properties about the revision and approval status.


You can perform this procedure on only one update at a time. If you select multiple updates, the first update selected will be displayed in the properties pane.