target Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The target element provides the mapping of a logical or friendly name to an unique URI name representing a policy namespace.


<target prefix="<placeholder for logical or friendly name>"
                   namespace="<placeholder for URI>" />


Attributes Required Description

prefix Attribute


prefix="<placeholder for logical or friendly name>"

A logical name to use for referring to the namespace within the current ADMX file.

namespace Attribute


namespace="<placeholder for URI>"

The URI follows .NET framework naming guidelines; for example, "InternetExplorer," and not "ie," "inet," or "internetexplorer." Each URI for an ADMX file must be unique from all other ADMX files. For example, "Microsoft.Policies.Example1" cannot exist in any other ADMX file.

Child elements

There are no child elements associated with this element.


The target element defines a unique name for the policy namespace in an ADMX file with a unique URI. The dotted notation is used for the unique URI instead of the http notation. The URI should start with the company's domain or name in order to make the origin of the ADMX file identifiable. The friendly name used in the target element can be reused in other files, but the target namespace must be unique for all ADMX files.


This XML fragment is an example of assigning a friendly name to the namespace, "Microsoft.Policies.Example1."

    <target prefix="example1" namespace="Microsoft.Policies.Example1" />

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