presentationTable Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

A table of presentation elements representing the layout of parameter controls for individual Group Policy settings. The layout of parameter controls include: type of parameter entry mechanism (edit box, spin control, drop-down box, list box, show box, and combo box); labels and prompt text for the parameter entry; and the default and range values for each parameter entry.


    <presentation> … </presentation>


There are no attributes associated with this element.

Child elements

Element Required Description

presentation Element


Represents the display information of the parameters for a policy setting.


For simplicity of documentation, nested elements located one level down, known as child elements, will only be described for a given element.


If there are no presentation elements to be specified in the .adml file, you can omit the presentationTable element. If you include the presentationTable element in the .adml file, you must define at least one presentation element. The presentationTable element is defined at most once in an .adml file.


The XML fragment is an example a set of parameters for multiple policy settings.

      <presentation id="Sample_Checkbox">
        <checkBox refId="Checkbox_1">First check box</checkBox>
        <checkBox refId="Checkbox_2"
                  defaultChecked="true">2nd check box</checkBox>
      <presentation id="Sample_ComboBox">
        <comboBox refId="Sample_ComboBox_Filename">
          <label>Sample Executable File Name</label>
          <suggestion>Filename A</suggestion>
          <suggestion>Filename B</suggestion>
      <presentation id="Sample_DropDownList">
        <dropdownList refId="Sample_Dropdownlist_Box"
          defaultItem="0">Drop-down list box choices:</dropdownList>
      <presentation id="Sample_ListBox_DoubleColumn">
        <text>Prompt text can be added above the listbox.</text>
        <text>Enter an item name paired with a value.</text>
        <text> </text>
        <listBox refId="Sample_ListBox_DoubleList">name pair:</listBox>
        <text> </text>
        <text>Possible values:</text>
        <text>value1 stored as a string representing action 1</text>
        <text>value2 stored as a string representing action 2</text>
      <presentation id="Sample_ListBox_SingleColumn">
        <listBox refId="Sample_ListBox_SingleColumn_Param">Single Column Title</listBox>
      <presentation id="Sample_NumericSpin">
        <text>These are optional lines of text that provide</text>
        <text>additional help text within the parameter display.</text>
        <text> </text>
        <decimalTextBox refId="Sample_NumericTextLabel"
          spinStep="60">Spin box label:</decimalTextBox>
      <presentation id="Sample_NumericText">
        <text>These are optional lines of text that provide</text>
        <text>additional help text within the parameter display.</text>
        <text> </text>
        <decimalTextBox refId="Sample_NumericTextLabel">Spin box label:</decimalTextBox>
      <presentation id="Sample_Textbox">
        <textBox refId="Sample_TextboxPrompt">
          <label>Prompt label for textbox</label>
      <presentation id="Sample_textboxExpandsz">
        <textBox refId="Sample_textboxExpandszPrompt">
          <label>This text box allows input of environment variables:</label>

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