Rebroadcasting archived content (live replay)

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

To rebroadcast archived content (live replay)

  1. Create a broadcast publishing point (LiveStream) that sources from a live encoded stream.

  2. Configure and enable archiving for LiveStream.

  3. Start LiveStream.

  4. Create an on-demand publishing point (ArchiveStream) that sources from the LiveStream archive file.

    Clients can connect to ArchiveStream at a later time to view the broadcast from the beginning.


You can run the announcement wizards on the Announce tab of the Windows Media Services snap-in to help you create a multicast information file (.nsc) for your broadcast publishing point (LiveStream) and an announcement file (.asx) for your on-demand publishing point (ArchiveStream).
Clients that stream content from the archived file that is being written to (ArchiveStream) cannot fast-forward or rewind the content until archiving stops.

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