Applies To: Windows Server 2008

You can configure various aspects of the WinRM service. The configuration information is stored in the registry.


Event ID Source Message



The WinRM service had a failure reading the current configuration and is stopping.

User Action
Use the following command to restore defaults:

winrm invoke Restore winrm/config @{}

Then add any custom configuration settings and restart the service.

Additional Data
The error code is: %1 %%%1



The host name pattern "%1" is invalid and it will be ignored. Host name patterns must not be empty and they can contain at most one wildcard ("*"). "*" pattern can be used to indicate all hosts; if this pattern is used, no other pattern can show up in the list. Special string "<local>" can be used to indicate all host names that do not have a '.'

User Action
Correct the host name pattern using the syntax described above.



The WinRM service successfully processed an address change notification.

WinRM Service

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