Event ID 8200 — Windows to UNIX Password Synchronization -- Configuration Issues

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Windows to UNIX Password Synchronization -- Configuration Issues indicates the completeness or usability of settings that are configured for Windows to UNIX password synchronization.

When Password Synchronization is properly configured for Windows-to-UNIX synchronization, and a password is changed on a Windows-based computer running Password Synchronization, the Password Synchronization service determines whether the user's password is to be synchronized on UNIX computers. When the Password Synchronization service is operating normally, and encryption keys in both the UNIX and Windows environments match, it encrypts the password and sends it to the Password Synchronization daemon on each computer with which the Windows-based computer is configured to be synchronized. The daemon then decrypts the password and changes the password on the UNIX host.

Event Details

Product: Windows Identity Management for UNIX
ID: 8200
Source: Microsoft-Windows-IDMU-PSync
Version: 6.0
Message: %1: unknown host. Make sure that host name is valid and it resolves to a valid IP address.


Check that the UNIX host is valid

The UNIX host specified in the error message is an unknown host. Verify that the host name is valid and that it resolves to a valid IP address. Check the configuration setting on the UNIX host computer and run the ping command on the host to verify that a valid IP is granted. If you cannot obtain a valid IP, contact the administrator for the UNIX-based network.


Retry Windows to UNIX password synchronization for any failed user password change attempts to verify that Password Synchronization is operating normally. Password Synchronization is operating normally when password synchronization succeeds and is operating under warning conditions if synchronization fails for some passwords but succeeds for others.

If password synchronization succeeds for some passwords but fails for others, Windows to UNIX Password Synchronization Configuration is likely fully operational, but there might be account- or computer-specific configuration problems preventing password changes from being synchronized on UNIX-based hosts.

Windows to UNIX Password Synchronization -- Configuration Issues

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