Edit Site Dialog Box

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Use the Edit Site dialog box to edit the properties of an existing site.


To edit binding information for the site, use the Site Bindings dialog box.

UI Element List

Element Name Description

Site name

Displays the friendly name for your site.

You cannot rename a site from the Edit Site dialog box. To rename a site, use the Rename action in the Actions pane on the Sites page.

Application pool

Displays the selected application pool for the site.


Opens the Select Application Pool dialog box from which you can select the application pool in which the site will run.

Physical path

Type the physical path where the site content is stored. The content can reside on the local computer or come from a remote directory or share. If your content is stored on the local computer, type the physical path, such as C:\Content. If your content is stored in a remote share, type the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path, such as \\Server\Share.

Optionally click Connect as to specify credentials to connect to the physical path. If you do not provide credentials, the Web server will use pass-through authentication. This means that content will be accessed by using the application user's identity, and configuration files will be accessed by using the application pool's identity.

Opens the Browse for Folder dialog box from which you can select the physical location of your site content.

Connect as

Opens the Connect As dialog box from which you can select how to connect to the path that you typed in the Physical path box. By default, pass-through authentication is selected.

Test Settings

Opens the Test Settings dialog box from which you can view a list of test results to assess whether the path settings are valid.

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