resources Element (.admx)

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The resourceselement, in the .admx file, specifies the minimum revision level of the matching .adml file and optionally the fallback language to use.


<resources minRequiredRevision="<MajorVersion.MinorVersion>"
          fallbackCulture="<placeholder for culture/language name>"/>


Attributes Required Description

minRequiredRevision Attribute



A minimum revision level of the matching .adml file.

fallbackCulture Attribute


fallbackCulture="<placeholder for culture/language name>"

Default language to use when the .adml file does not exist on the machine or ADMX central store for the required language.

Child elements

There are no child elements associated with this element.


The .admx file specifies all the language independent declarations for the ADMX files. The .admx file references language resources, such as UI display strings, from the .adml file. The minimum revision value guarantees the .admx file will not be referencing information that does not exist in the .adml file.

US English, en-us, is the default fallbackCulture when the fallbackCulture attribute is not declared in the resources element.


This XML fragment is an example of specifying a minimum required version of .9 for the .adml file with the default fallbackCulture, en-us.

    <resources minRequiredRevision="0.9" />

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