parentCategory Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The parentCategory element specifies the location of the category in relationship to its parent category in the Group Policy Object Editor tree structure.


<parentCategory ref="<placeholderNamespace>:<placeholderLogicalName>" />


Attributes Required Description

ref Attribute



References a previously defined category.

Child elements

There are no child elements associated with this element.


If the parentCategory element is omitted, the Group Policy Object Editor will display the category element under the Administrative Templates node. You cannot define more than one parentCategory for a category element.


This XML fragment is an example of a custom parentCategory element that is assumed to be declared inside the same .admx file as the element being referenced.

  <parentCategory ref="SAMPLE" />

This XML fragment is an example of how to define a parentCategory element referencing the category defined in the Windows base file, Windows.admx.

  <parentCategory ref="windows:WindowsComponents" />

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