Specify distribution credentials

You can configure the following options on the General tab for this property to enable your server to respond to authentication requests from other servers.

Item Description

Distribution authentication

Settings in this area identify the user account used for distribution authentication.

User Name

Type the user name that you want the server to use on the network.


Type the password that authenticates the server on the network.

Confirm password

Type the password again to be sure that you have specified it correctly.


The credentials specified in this property are used to respond to authentication requests from other Windows Media servers and from Web servers. If Windows Media Services receives an authentication request from a proxy server, it will use the credentials specified in the proxy settings of the WMS Network Data Source plug-in.


If Windows Media Services is sourcing from a dynamic playlist and IIS authentication is enabled on the Web server, the user name and password you specify on this tab are used to authenticate the connection. Ensure the user name and password entered in the Credentials Properties dialog box match those required by IIS. For more information, see About dynamic playlists.

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