Associate Language Packs

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

You can associate multiple language packs with a single image, which reduces the number of images that you need to maintain.

To associate language packs with an image

  1. In the image group folder that contains the image, create a directory with the same name as the image file.

  2. In that directory, create a subdirectory named Langpacks. For example, for an image group named "Vista" and an image named "Install", run:

    md c:\remoteinstall\images\vista\install\langpacks
  3. In the Langpacks subdirectory, create a subdirectory for each language pack that you want to install. For example, to create a subdirectory for the Japanese language, run:

    md c:\remoteinstall\images\vista\install\langpacks\ja-jp
  4. Copy the Japanese language pack to the subdirectory that you created (for example C:\Remoteinstall\images\vista\install\langpacks\ja-jp).

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